Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Recently married and finally having my own kitchen and a lovable and a willing guinea pig (read husband) has offered me a vast playground to experiment and learn how to cook right. I started this blog with the intention of documenting recipes from my mum and the in-laws, to make sure I don’t lose these delicious, homely and mostly healthy recipes over time. However, since I seem to be having fun along the way, I also post other recipes whichI have managed to get hold of through friends, other bloggers or books.

This blog mostly contains vegetarian South Indian recipes, of Kannadiga or Tamilian origin, stemming from the fact that I’m half kannadiga and half tamilian married to a tamilian. Funnily enough my family also has influences from different parts of India, through my various aunts and uncles. Growing up in a joint family in Bangalore, these cuisines have also had a significant impact on the food that was cooked at home. So this blog will shape into a mélange of vegetarian/eggetarian recipes from different kitchens such as Kannadiga, Tamilian, Telugu, Gujarati, and North Indian. I might on occasion post recipes that don’t fall in the above categories but have inspired me, thanks to the easy access to recipes and ingredients from around the world.

A few points about the blog:

  • All recipes posted here have been first tried and tested by me. Most times I eyeball the ingredients according to the taste most preferred at home. But ever since I started the blog I’ve been making a conscious effort to use the measuring spoon and cup :). But since cooking has a lot to do with personal tastes and preferences, use your discretion while using your ingredients.
  • I think it is important to give credit/acknowledge the source of the recipe, which I do in all my posts. Some recurring characters in this section will include:

– my mum and/or my paati (my maternal grandmother)
– Ajji (my late paternal grandmother)
– Lalima (my MIL) and/or paatima (the H’s grandmother)
I would like to add one more to this list:
– Srirangam Geetha maami and radhakrishnan maama – They have authentic Tamilian recipes on their youtube channel. Their channel is a source of inspiration for me and I would like their recipes reach a larger audience (esp. for those who don’t understand tamil)

  • I’m a bit of a health freak, so I try to make my recipes as healthy as possible for everyday consumption. Less oil and fat, more veggies, Trying to include more protein… the works. I also try using cooking techniques that help me with this, like baking instead of frying, a non stick pan etc.  So feel free to tweak the recipe a little for whatever works best for you. Occasionally I do treat myself and indulge in some calorie-heavy food (especially when we have guests over or for festivals), that’s when you’ll find a dessert or some fried snack posted.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy blogging here. Feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences in the kitchen or request for a particular dish and I’ll be happy to try it.

So… wish me the best and get the curry leaves along! 🙂

P.S: Fresh curry leaves, being a quintessential part of south indian kitchens inspired me to name the blog so.

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